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If you’re a foodie who loves innovative dining, then Le Petit Chef should definitely be on your bucket list. This unique cinematic dining experience takes you on a culinary journey from the comfort of your dinner table. So, what is Le Petit Chef? Or “who” is he? Let me enlighten you!

Le Petit Chef is a projection mapping dining adventure that combines 3D animation, storytelling, and gourmet cuisine to create an impressive experience. The concept was created by the Belgian company Skullmapping in collaboration with the agency TableMation.

Only the plate is real.

The star of the show is a tiny animated chef with a delightful French accent. It all starts with a white tablecloth. As the lights dim, a 3D projection appears on your dinner plate. After each vignette, a group of servers bring in the real food for the diners.

Our first encounter in the garden.

Each course features locally inspired dishes, so the menu is different at other locations in the world. Our menu included seafood, salad, soup, Cornish game hen and a delectable dessert.

But it’s not just about the food. Le Petit Chef combines sight, sound, and taste to create a truly unforgettable evening. The animation on the tablecloth and your dinner plate is accompanied by music and sound effects that transport you to the site where our busy little chef is collecting ingredients for your dinner – and sometimes running into a “spot of bother” along the way. We visited a farm, a lovely garden, the ocean and a forest. We even visited a place with ice and igloos to procure dessert.

Our delectable dessert – white chocolate sphere with pumpkin spiced latte mousse, Thai tea reduction and cornflake crunch!

What’s even more impressive is the technology behind the experience. The 3D projection mapping technology used in Le Petit Chef is cutting-edge, and the attention to detail is incredible. Each course is meticulously planned, and the animation is perfectly timed to match the actions of the chef.

Le Petit Chef prepares our lobster course – with a bit of trouble along the way.

Le Petit Chef is suitable for all ages. Kids will love the animated chef and the interactive nature of the experience, while adults will appreciate the gourmet cuisine and the attention to detail. The best way to describe the evening is simply – fun!

Le Petite Chef is currently “playing” in Vancouver at the Paradox Hotel. It is scheduled to continue until the end of May 2023. You may be able to find this dining experience in other major cities or on your next cruise.

Some chefs go through a lot of trouble to get just the right ingredients! Le Petit Chef, Vancouver, Canada

Reservations require an $80 deposit (to cover no-shows, presumably). A vegetarian menu option is provided as is a kid’s menu. Wine and beer are available. Be prepared, this is not a cheap evening.

Bon app├ętit!

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