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Our recent visit to Montreal for its renown jazz festival was a lot of fun, however, it wasn’t developing into a culinary experience. . . . until.

Encouraged by a recent NETFLIX episode of “Somebody Feed Phil” (Season 3, Episode 5) where he visited Montreal’s famous Schwartz Deli for the best smoked beef sandwich on the planet – we Ubered our way to 3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard. The Schwartz Deli opened on December 31st 1928 and has become a culinary institution.

When we arrived, there was a long lineup of about 30 people. Luckily for us, a server came out and said he had 2 seats “at the bar” for anyone who was interested. We made a bee-line for the deli counter. 

The place was jam-packed, quaint, noisy and everyone was gobbling up succulent smoked beef. We ordered two well-marbled sandwiches and coleslaw. Our waiter suggested we shouldn’t forego the homemade pickle. The beef brisket is served on a simple rye with regular mustard. Looked innocuous enough.

Schwartz is tiny, long and narrow. This is a third of its capacity.

OMG! – this was the single-best sandwich I have ever eaten. The beef was incredibly moist and scrumptious with the perfect amount of seasoning. Consuming this tasty morsel felt “sinful”. How can anything be this good???

OMG! It’s as delectable as it looks!

So, Schwartz Deli, Montreal. 

‘Nuff said.

Don’t forget the coleslaw!

Not sure when the line-up is shorter. 

A smoked meat sandwich with pickle and coleslaw will set you back about $20. Add another $3.00 if you want a cherry cola (the recommended “go with”). 

Best $20 I’ve ever spent!

Schwatz’s Deli

3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Montreal, Quebec

You KNOW you want to!