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There are so many fun things to do in Buenos Aires and so many delicious culinary experiences. One thing you mustn’t miss is the Argentine Experience. It is an interactive evening of eating, drinking, learning about the cuisine, the culture and you even get to try your hand at some mixology! From the moment you don your chef’s hat and raise a glass to a roomful of newly found friends this is a fun and delectable night.

The evening’s festivities are offered at only 2 locations in Argentina – one is in Buenos Aires, the other in the tiny little enclave of Iguazu Falls. That is were we attended.

You are lead into a wine cellar – richly decorated with many different vintages of Argentinian wines. After a preliminary introduction to the goals for the evening, you are led through another large wooden castle door to a magnificent room that is set up with two long tables, candles, cutlery, glassware, and all sorts of fun things.

After a welcome drink and some time spent getting to know your table mates, your hostess will give you some information about the food, drink and culture in Argentina. She teaches you how to build a Malbec-based cocktail, each person has all the mixology accoutrements in front of them.

All ready to go, with mixology equipment at every setting.

The next task was learning about empanadas and learning how to assemble them. The fillings were so yummy it was hard to leave enough to assemble the dish which was headed back to the kitchen to cook. There definitely is a knack to pinching off the dough. Apparently the design on the edge of the empanada tells you what kind of filling is inside. A secret code!

Other highlights of the evening were a 4 course authentic Argentine meal paired with four boutique wines. We had some exquisite tenderloin steak and “gaucho-styled” grilled vegetables.

To finish we learned how to prepare ‘matĂ©’ paired with alfajores. Alfajores are a wonderful South American dessert featuring two cookies with dulce de leche sandwiched between them. You can find restaurant chains whose only product is these cookies, which have recently begun to crop up in the rest of the world.

Ready to assemble our alfajores with sweet coconut and dulce de leche.
Alfadores – yum!
A wall of mate mugs – functional and art.

Mate is a traditional tea that has its own ritual and culture. There is an art to making the perfect mug of mate to finish off your meal. Everything from selecting the Yerba mug, the tea leaves, and getting the water temperature perfect. Learn to make the perfect mate before you go: here!

This particular evening truly was one of the highlights of our trip to Argentina. You won’t want to miss the delectable fun!

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