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Delicious Japanese in Melbourne

In keeping with our “travel rich, die broke” motto, let me introduce you to Kisumé –  voted one of the “hottest new restaurants” in Melbourne for 2017.

Kisume windowWe knew we had a popular place when the only reservation we could get was for counter seats. The place is modern, eclectic and minimalist. There are dozens of efficient staff milling about. You are escorted to your seat by a hostess and then a sommelier brings your wine. It’s the kind of place where if you get up to use the washroom, your cloth napkin will be refolded for you upon your return.

Kisume sous chefs

Our view from the counter

There are 3 floors of seating as well as a dozen people sitting at the upstairs counters. We had a view of the dessert chef, the salad prep and the grill in the back where flambé edamame beans and filet steaks were set alight. Work your way through the omakase – a tasting menu with optional upgrade to the very best sashimi.

The food was delectable. Simply, exquisite. From the delicate sashimi and sushi to the saki-soaked grilled salmon to the rare filet served with a flamed foie gras. Unique, fresh flavours added sparkle to some old favourites. Definitely a fusion of Japanese and Australian. The wine list includes a variety of different sakis to savour and some crisp Chablis to complement your meal.

Of course, the price tag was grand too. With sake, and 2 glasses of wine we parted with $365. No tipping required – this is Australia. This dinner will nicely dip into our kid’s inheritance!

Kisumé is located at 175 Flinders Lane and is open 7 days a week. Reservations required.

Book through Open Table or online: Kisume on-line


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