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About Us

Shannon Lee
Shannon Lee

Shannon Lee is a retired physician, musician, globe trotter and explorer who lives in Langley, British Columbia with her husband – birder, guitarist and retired physician, Colin Rankin. Together they  have four beautiful daughters who stand to inherit an obscene amount of money.

Colin Rankin

The purpose of this blog is to follow Shannon & Colin in their valiant attempt to spend as much of this legacy as possible so as not to cause undue hardship to their girls who, no doubt, would be perplexed and bewildered with so much money. 

When we are not blogging, traveling or playing music, we are practicing Spanish, doing the New York Times crossword puzzles, reading or out walking and birdwatching.

Our other girls – Toby & Zoey

Shannon & Colin’s 6 piece band INGLEWOOD

Sugar ‘n Sage – Our 4 piece band Featuring Shannon’s girls Siobhan and Raina