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Like everyone else on the planet, I had been cooped up for far too long because of the pandemic. When our local government finally allowed us to travel within our own province, we made a “bee-line” to Vancouver Island. Our timing coincided perfectly with the worst heat-wave seen in British Columbia in many years! Luckily, our destination – Telegraph Cove – was at least 10 degrees cooler than down south and we were spared the worst of it.

Telegraph Cove, British Columbia

Telegraph Cove is a charming little settlement about 210 km northwest of Campbell River, BC. There are only a handful of residents here. It was originally a fishing and canning port which grew out of a one-room telegraph station. Over the years, this tiny little village has become a destination spot for ecotourism as it is located on Johnstone Strait right next to the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. This area is rich in marine animals and a perfect spot to head out in a boat for whale watching or fishing. 

A fishing expedition returning to Telegraph Cove at sunset.

We had come through here once before several years back but all the accommodations were taken. This time we were lucky as tourism was just starting to wake up again after 16 months of drought.

The “town” consists of a marina with a horseshoe-shaped dock that has a number of shops and lodgings. Lots of fancy boats and a couple of yachts were docked when we were there but most of the slips were vacant.

Telegraph Cove has a terrific restaurant and a pub. There are several gift shops and a grocery store. Most importantly, there are several businesses that will take you out to see whales and even grizzly bear watching!

Grizzly Bear, Knight Inlet, British Columbia

If you are planning to go, I would spend 2-3 days in the area. We went whale watching with Prince of Whales Tours and Grizzly Bear watching with Tide Rip Tours – both can be booked in advanced or when you arrive.

Prince of Whales Tour Boat, Telegraph Cove

We stayed at Telegraph Cove Resort. Reservations essential. We found the accommodation to be clean and comfortable. Our room had a fully-equipped kitchenette.

We stayed in “dockside” building with views of the harbour.
The bed was comfy!
Plenty of room for us. Telegraph Cove.

There are camping facilities in the area as well.

You’ll wanna check out the sunsets at the Cove which faces west giving you some spectacular views.

The sunset at Telegraph Cove peaking through the trees.

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