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There was a window of opportunity September 2020 to get away just prior to our province-wide lockdown in BC. We headed to Alberta and enjoyed a day in Drumheller to see the Dinosaur Park as well as visiting Jasper.

Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Jasper is simply stunning – even with the thick smog of the devastating 2020 forest fires lingering in the air and obstructing some of our views. There are many nature walks, forest hikes, as well as fishing and kayaking expeditions. So much to do!

Things were a definitely bit quieter due to COVID and everyone was “enmasked” wherever we went.

On our way up to the Columbian Ice Fields, we stopped to take a hike along the Athabasca River which culminated in the roaring Athabasca Falls.

Trail marker for Athabasca Falls

The 80′ (24 meters) high falls are not the highest in Canada by any stretch, but the mighty Athabasca River makes them some of the most powerful. Rushing over a layer of hard quartzite, the falls have cut into the softer limestone beneath, resulting in a breathtaking canyon and spectacular rock formations. The roar of the falls coming over the highest ledges will send a shiver down your spine!

The falls are located 30 minutes by car from the town of Jasper on Hwy 93A. The picturesque walk along the banks of the river take you through a well planned trail of beautiful pines and spruce trees. The trail is easily accessible from the parking lot. The walk is pet and kid friendly and will take you about an hour. There are lot of steps; some areas are not wheelchair accessible.

Definitely not to be missed if you are visiting Jasper National Park!

Try to appreciate the canyon below carved by the Athabasca River.

After Athabasca Falls, be sure to check out the Columbia Ice Fields, further up the road!