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Everybody likes to bring home a little memento from their travels – especially from far away places. T-shirts, mugs, snow globes, plates, art and sculpture specific to the area – all great finds. But for me it’s fridge magnets.

Fridge Magnets00008

Sounds exciting, right?

Well, maybe not exciting, but it’s definitely a lot of fun.

Right now, I have a collection of some 107 fridge magnets. Most of them are actually on a filing cabinet in my office only the current ones are on my fridge (i.e. the last 2 years).

Fridge Magnets00009

It’s become a bit of a game for us. Obviously, you can head straight for one of the tourist shops when you arrive in a city, but sometimes, it can be challenging to acquire them.  On our recent Baltic cruise, there were a few European towns that seemed to be hiding them. 

Fridge Magnets00006

The other nice thing is that magnets are cheap, usually $5 or less.

So, if you don’t have a collection yet – think about adorning your metallic spaces with a few magnet mementos!

My filing cabinet with a decade of trips

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