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Our 2011 business trip to New Orleans was a pleasant surprise in so many ways. No doubt Bourbon Street was exciting and a music lover’s paradise, but what was there to do on a Saturday afternoon?

George Segal, 3 FIGURES and 4 BENCHES

The SYDNEY & WALDA BESTHOFF SCULPTURE GARDEN can by found in New Orleans’ City Park adjacent to the NOMA (New Orlean’s Museum of Art). Originally conceived in 2003, this magnificent garden comprises 11 acres of modern art pieces by 21st Century artists.

Rona Pondick, MONKEYS, Sculpture Garden, New Orleans
RESTRAINED Deborah Butterfield

The art is found all through the picturesque and tranquil park which boasts pine and oak trees, magnolias, shrubs, flowers and two lagoons. There are pedestrian bridges and walkways that take you out onto the water and around all of the art.

Lots of magnificent trees in the Sydney & Walda Besthoff Sculpture Gardens
SPIDER Louis Bourgeois

The original 5-acre sculpture garden expanded in 2019 to include the current 11 acres and some 90 pieces of modern art. The art is located everywhere – high in the tree canopies, on the open lawns, in the water and within the plants.

RIACE WARRIORS, Elisabeth Fink

Every time you turn a corner there is another sculpture. If you are an art lover you will delight in the whimsical nature of the works.

LOVE red, blue Robert Indiana
SAFETY PIN Claes Oldenburg

The Sculpture Garden is open from 10-5 pm (winter) and 10-6 pm (summer) 7 days a week. Admission is free.

Lily pad pond, Sydney & Walda Sculpture Garden


One Collins Diboll Circle, City Park
New Orleans, LA 70124
Phone 504.658.4100
Fax 504.658.4199

Sculpture Garden NOMA website.