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For those of you who appreciate street art, you must pay a short visit to Hosier Lane while in Melbourne. This laneway, located between Flinders Lane and Flinders Street, was previously used to access deliveries and pickups for the clothing factories. Since the 1990’s, the concrete walls of the lane have been decorated with graffiti – works of art by a variety of locals.


It will only take you about 10 minutes to wander from one end to the other, depending on how many photos you want to snap. The neat thing about this lane is that the artwork is constantly changing. The space is cared for and coordinated by the artists themselves and it has become an important urban gallery. The cobblestone street will draw your eyes down, down, down. Enjoy vibrant colours, cartoon characters, political satire and irreverent humour. Every time you visit, it will be different!

And, yes, you can find AC/DC lane in Melbourne as well. After all the famous band is from Australia!