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There are many small birds living in our wooded areas.  Many are “LBJs”, as in “Little Brown Jobs”! Only when you love birding do you start to sort out all the sparrows, finches, warblers, etc. in this group.

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet – Can’t quite see the “Crown”

To make things worse there are quite a few “Little Green Jobs”, (LGJs), too. Or to be precise “little greeny-yellow jobs”, but multiple acronyms get cumbersome, so I’ll stay with LGJs! 

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet – looks like a spot of ketchup on his head!

Included in this group are Ruby-Crowned and Golden-Crowned Kinglets. These lovely little guys are smaller than a wren, shy, not very common, hard to spot and even harder to photograph because they never stop fidgeting! 

Golden-Crowned Kinglet

So what a pleasant surprise to be standing by a marsh and spot a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet flitting through the grass. I finally managed to get a so-so picture. I then turned around and there was a Golden-Crowned Kinglet doing the same thing! 

Golden Crowned Kinglets in BC
Golden Crowned Kinglet (another day – better picture!)

Kinglets are insectivorous, eating small eggs, insects and spiders with occasional seeds and berries. They can survive  -40 winter apparently, so our current cold spell is like, “meh”, to them!

Colin Rankin, our resident Birder for TRDB

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