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So, here we are 4 months after that fateful day.  (BROKEN)  Without a doubt, this has been the most difficult thing Colin and I have ever had to go through. As physicians, we had some insight into the pain and suffering humanity can experience, but nothing gives you empathy and wisdom like experiencing a trauma first hand.

We have been overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity of friends, colleagues, family and some people that we barely knew.  Flowers, cards, meals, errands, visits – all appreciated more than we can say.

The healing process has been S-L-O-W. Terribly slow. When you lead active, busy lives and you are forced to slow down, it is a challenge for both body and spirit. There is no “willing” the pain away or telling yourself you’re just going to have to “push through it”. Body says “NO!” End of discussion. “Slow down, you move too fast. . . . ”

I am pleased to report that I have returned to part-time work; Colin no longer needs his crutches; we are back hosting the weekly open mic/jam session at our favourite Murrayville restaurant (Miked Up Murrayville); and our band will perform for the first time this year on June 8th & 9th. (Porter’s Bistro)

Music has certainly been therapeutic for Colin and me. Colin, who has been an avid tennis player and more recently, an enthusiastic bird watcher, has found his ability to play the guitar and share his music with others to be a lifesaver. We might not be able to run or hike, but we have a great time with our music and are thankful for that.


I was fascinated to recently learn of the Japanese art of KINTSUKUROI – using gold to repair a broken object. They believe that an item becomes even more beautiful when it has suffered damage and has a history. The gold is used to accentuate the flaws.

kintsukuroi 2

Wow! What a lovely concept! If it ever became a popular idea the botox, plastic surgery and cosmetic industries would be in trouble!

Life goes on. . . tragedy can be dealt with. The will to live, and to thrive, can work its magic when life deals you a seemingly impossible hand.

Colin and I resume our travels mid July with a Baltic Cruise.  My blog goes on. . .

Thank you, dear reader, for caring.

Here’s to the next adventure!

2 comments on “Mending. . .

  1. Helen Embury says:

    Beautifully written Shannon and a real testament to a life so fully lived – so that when it is difficult to follow one path, you have another path you have nourished and ready to feed your spirit.
    Love, Helen

  2. Lindsay, Kessler and Nash gallichen says:

    We think of you so often! Please take care of yourselves!

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