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All time favourite vacation?

I get this question a lot. Colin and I are getting a reputation as “globe trotters” and people want to know the highlights. I do the same – grill my friends when they return from vacation to get tips on accommodation,  restaurants, must-see museums, galleries and how to avoid lineups. There is nothing like a first hand recommendation to let you know you will be enjoying a great experience.

We’ve been to Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, the Caribbean, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, all over Europe and of course most of Canada and a lot of the USA. We’ve been to the Galapagos. We’ve been to Japan. But, hands down the most “other-worldly”, majestic place on earth has to be. . . .AFRICA.  In particular we visited Kenya and Rwanda. No where on this planet can you see the variety of awe-inspiring animals in the wild as Africa. We went back in 2018 to Botswana, South Africa and Victoria Falls You will see a lot of posts on our African travels.

Golden Monkey Rwanda

Golden Monkey, Rwanda