Sound Off!

And here is where I will write down a few thoughts, not necessarily to do with travel.

I know there are more important issues in life than globe-trotting. There are things to ponder; things to worry about; things to sort out. I admit that I have never spent a single vacation without having to deal with issues from home – business, family or otherwise.

I guess we never truly get away.

Thanks to the internet, we are always “connected” to our more complicated worlds. When I look around, it is plain to see that I am not unique in this matter. As a tourist, you really start to notice that people have their smart phones out everywhere you go. They are walking down the streets with ear buds in. Mostly, they don’t even look up. Pity. A “hello” or “good morning” from a complete stranger was always a welcome connection. It made you feel human. If we are all walking around in our own little worlds, perhaps we have finally defined “alternate universe”.

So, a little less Facebook. A little less focus on bank balances, email, home news – it will all be there when I return.

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